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Herbalism Practice Diploma Course

An intense introduction to Herbalism and Self-healing passing through the traditions of Ancestral Medicine and Ehnobotany.

The core of the program is the study of Holism, Herbalism and Phytotherapy, while the real-time Herbalist Practice will let you explore Practical techniques and Herbal preparations with workshops and activities. The aim of this Course is to transmit the ideal knowledge and right intentions for preparing the individual for further inner work with the guidance of plants accordingly to wisdom and traditions. We will dive into jungle herbal remedies, first aid herbals, professional tincturing, medicated cream and soap making, along with medicinal mushrooms elixirs and standardized preparations just to mention a few.

Do not miss this unique opportunity to embrace the work with Plants with playfulness and expertise.

Our courses are officially recognized and accredited with CMA the Complementary Medical Association, one of the most professional institutions for therapists.

Duration: 7 days 


from 3rd to 9th December 2023

from 16th to 21st January 2024

from 10th to 17th February 2024

March TBC

Location: Costa Rica

Applications: open all year-round

Program: Theoretical classes (24 h) are normally held in the morning while the practical work and activities (20 h) in the afternoon. Forest trips and foraging times are scheduled accordingly to the weather. Extra hours are dedicated to the Final Exam and Tutoring. Cacao ceremonies are also offered as part of the training.

Food: mainly vegetarian, delicious home-made food.

Accommodation: nice, private cabin with shared room (max. 6 people).

Facilities: ceremonial and meditation space, library, forest paths, gardens, a lab for practical work, classroom.

Fees: $ 1500 including:

-food (3 meals per day)

-accommodation in private cabin shared room with shared bathroom (max. 6 people)

-theoretical lessons, practical work, forest trips, workshops, field training

-all the educational material in pdf  format

-the Printed Diploma

-personal advice

-cacao ceremonies, other ceremonies to be decided

-everything listed under the program

-use of the facilities at the Centre

      • Fees do not include: transfers and airline tickets.

      • Final Exam: in order to achieve the Diploma a final exam must be submitted. Extra time is dedicated to tutoring and preparation.

        • Spare time: students may use their extra time to explore the forest and the surroundings, perform artistic activities, hiking or request tutoring. Half day-off is given during the course to reach the nearby village and visit local projects.

        • Discounts: students have the privilege to get discounts on therapies and retreats and free advice on the physical, emotional and spiritual sphere.

        • Extension of Stay: possible after consultation.

        • Note: After the reservation has been made, no refund can be given.

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