Alquimia – Centre of Healing Arts

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At Alquimia we offer a variety of retreats accordingly to one’s needs and purpose.

Each retreat is designed and tailor-made in respect of the ancient traditions of Latin American Shamans.  An isolation retreat with a frugal diet is offered as a meaning of profound connection with Nature and her gifts, accordingly to simplicity and frugality. Tailored retreats are offered only on request and after consultation.


Not all retreats are the same. Somehow we often misunderstand the meaning of retreating and we immediately think about luxurious stays and spa circuits. A traditional retreat is a moment for ourselves only, a privilege and a need at the same time. It is a fantastic period driven by simplicity and authenticity. Nature is the real catalyst of major shifts and plants and diet are the main guides for self-knowledge and emotional shake. Balance is the natural outcome, preceded by turmoil, confusion and discomfort. We mainly work with chronic disorders, in order to help people to restore homeostasis, mental and physical wellbeing. We prefer to tailor our retreats and address one issue at a time. We also value your opinion and consider your personal intuition, beliefs and indications.


In many cultures a forest is the perfect representation of mystery, magic and peace at once. It is a mother, a nurturing organism, a dynamic creature providing us with care, comfort and delight. Even if in a forest we are overwhelmed by sounds, there is a striking peacefulness and playfulness always at work. The mind is lucid, thoughts are clear and the body is conquered by stillness and joy.  We are often left speechless and in complete awe in the sight of her revealing beauty. 


Location: COSTA RICA

The forest is the healing womb allowing personal transformation and deep understanding