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Psycho-Oncology – Psychological Care in Cancer

Psycho- oncology deals with the psychological, social, behavioral, spiritual and ethical aspects of  cancer.

Psycho-oncology addresses the two major psychological dimensions of  cancer: the psychological responses of patients to the disease at all stages, and that of their families and caretakers; and the psychological, behavioral and social factors that may influence the disease process.

Many cancer patients remain out of sight of the health services due to societal stigma and lack of resources to treat and support. Regardless of the prognosis, cancer is a cause of anxiety and depression in more than one-third of the cancer patients.

Cancer has a profound effect on the function of the family in both social and economic terms. Across our globe there are inequality and differences in all aspects of cancer.

Cancer incidence and survival are related to socio-economic status but also on the individual level we distinguish between individual differences and effects of the cancer experience.


Spirituality is more about constant questioning than about providing fixed or final answers. Cancer patients do not expect spiritual solutions from oncology team members, but they wish to feel comfortable enough to raise spiritual issues and not be met with fear, judgmental attitudes, or dismissive comments.

Spiritual needs may not be explicit in all illness phases, yet spirituality is not only confined to the areas of palliative or end-of-life care. Sensitive and effective methods to assess and address spiritual needs of cancer patients are being developed and qualitative research on the topic is underway.

In addition, formal education and training in communication about cancer patients’ spiritual issues and in how to assess and address them in the clinical context is being increasingly provided. Spirituality can be a major resource for both patients and caregivers, yet it can never be imposed but only shared.

alquimia psychooncology training


We will uncover together the major aspects of practical care and psychological support with cancer patients. The online course is divided in 3 sessions of 3 presentations each including 2 live talks, training and case studies.

1st session

  • Psycho-oncology and practical applications
  • Phases of Cancer and Communication
  • Palliative Care and Dignity

2nd session

  • Compassion, Pain and Spiritual Practices
  • Alternative Therapies in Cancer
  • Mindfulness in Psycho-oncology

3rd session

  • Approaching the End of Life, Family and the Self
  • Cognitive Therapy and Counseling
  • Case Studies, tools and strategies

The course is intended for caregivers, therapists and single individuals or groups dealing personally with cancer.


Dates to be scheduled with the participants. The live talks Q&A will support the online training and will offer a direct exchange of information with your teacher to dissipate doubts and review the case studies.


Entirely Online with permanent access to live webinars, textbooks and presentations.


Upon completion of the training you will be able to comprehend and work on emotional stress, psychosocial health and end of life treatments of cancer patients. You will also learn how to apply positive changes and spiritual growth in oncology settings at a personal or professional level.


Elisa Fusi, biologist with a strong foundation in pathophysiology and cancer, PNEI practitioner and Complementary Medicine therapist. She is actively working with cancer patients and groups at her open clinic in Portugal.

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60 EUROS including the complete courses, 2 live webinars with textbooks, presentations and tutoring.