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Natural Medicine for Chronic Disorders – Course+Training

An Overview

This Course is addressed to anyone with a strong interest in the subject and with or without a previous background in Natural Therapies. We will evaluate every request with an open mind.

The quantity and quality of information brought to this intensive training will allow any student to plan conscious interventions for preventing chronic disorders and increase the general well being. Several treatments are discussed and passed under the scrutiny of modern research.

A series of medicinal plants and mushrooms are reviewed for the general prescription of tailored formulas as suggested in modern Naturopathy. 

Most classes are theoretical, while 10 hours are dedicated to case-studies and personal advice. Educational material and books are also available during your stay. 

A Certificate of Attendance is issued by the Centre upon completion of the course.

Chronic Disorders are on the rise and Natural Medicine can provide abundant solutions and strategies to unveil the intricate web of illness and the elements of unbalance. Accumulation of toxins, allergens and hormones may play an essential role in the development of these disorders, so that the first line of action becomes full awareness and a mind-body approach. In this intensive course you will learn the mechanisms behind low-grade inflammation and the subsequent cascade of events leading to chronic cellular stress. We will unveil the common elements of digestive, metabolic and endocrine disorders, food intolerance and auto-immune disease. Beyond the theoretical aspects we will follow real case-studies in order to put into practice what learnt in the classroom.

DATES: from 26th August to 1st September. WINTER TERMS 2023 TBC



Subjects Treated

 – Biology and Physiology of Chronic Disorders

– Low-grade Inflammation and Cellular Stress

– Detoxification and Nutrition

– Herbs and Mushrooms for Chronic Disorders

– Natural Strategies and Prevention

– Supplements and Nutraceuticals

– Somatic Therapies and Mind-Body Medicine

– Pain Management and Stress Reduction Techniques

– Complementary Therapies and Last Research

– Review of Case-studies with tailored advice

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alquimia courses costa rica
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Extra Activities

It is possible to use your spare time to engage in several outdoor activities around the beautiful Arenal Lake. These are extra tours not included in the final fees, but we can help you to organize them.

tours costa rica
tours costa rica
tours costa rica

Fees and Specifications

You will live in a family bungalow with private bathroom and all comforts to be shared with maximum 4 students. You will reside inside the forest surrounded by natural views and spectacular wildlife. Food is farm to table, gourmet, organic and can be tailored accordingly to special needs. Three meals per day are offered and included in the final fees.

We accept only small groups in order to keep great communication and  fluid teaching. 


INCLUSIONS: the full course, certificate, educational material, food and accommodation, personal advice, use of the facilities.

Fees don’t include airline tickets and transfers.



If you cannot make it to Costa Rica you can switch to the virtual version of the course. 

We have released the online program with interactive content and real time classes.