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Alquimia Healing Arts Elisa Fusi
Alquimia Healing Arts Elisa Fusi

ELISA FUSI  is an Italian molecular biologist with a research focus on human pathology, mycology, neuroscience and ecology.  Early raised as a visionary herbalist and writer, after being graduated in Herbal Medicine in London and having worked in laboratories in Europe, Madagascar and Cambodia, she started an ongoing investigation on folk medicine, ancestral rituals and indigenous culture all over the world.

She studied and lived with different ethnic groups like the Malagasy and Merina of Madagascar, the Kunas and Naso of Panama, the Quillacinga of Colombia, the Q’eqchí and other Mayan groups of Guatemala, the Mazatecs and Mixtecs people of Mexico, the Kichwas of Ecuador and the Shipibo Conibo of Peru. She later obtained a diploma in Mayan Medicine issued by the Mayan Medicine Institute of Guatemala with the faculty of diffusing the ancient Mayan knowledge.

She has been recently trained with Kambo by the Matses  people,  promoting several initiatives for protecting the rights of the land and the people of the Amazonian basin.

After a near-death experience her quest for a more complete understanding of human consciousness became stronger. She founded an environmental organization called YouAreHome and later in 2012 she created Alquimia, an educational Centre and intentional space for promoting alternative teachings on herbalism, shamanism and alchemy,  located in the Guatemalan rainforest.

With an active team of volunteers and teachers, she currently moved the Centre to Costa Rica where to start a profound connection with the ancient shamanic practices and continue in promoting re-forestation and conservation projects.

Elisa is also a PNEI (PsychoNeuroEndocrineImmunology) practictioner and Psycho-oncologists offering advice and support to people with cancer and autoimmune disorders at her open clinic in Costa Rica.

Author of two books, she happily teaches plant medicine, psychedelic shamanism and therapy along with leading ceremonies,  clinical consultations and isolation retreats.

“ retrieve the Shaman within us is to find back our ancestral vitality and the inner ability to self-heal. It is essential for resolving the collective madness of humanity and furtherly re-connect to the archetypal world, clearly visualize our place in the biosphere. A courageous step into wider comprehension demands for navigating all the spectrum of states. It’s a journey within multiple journeys of reminescence, finally bringing us into lucidity.”

Alquimia Healing Arts Davide Giannotti
Alquimia Healing Arts Davide Giannotti

DAVIEL aka Davide Giannotti is an Italian visionary artist, music-producer and sound therapist.

Since an early stage he dedicated himself to investigate the profound connections between frequencies, body, mind, nature and later gave birth to a music style called Psy-Dream, deep trance sounds made with alternative tunings, inducing brainwave entrainment and change in state of consciousness.

He began his inspiring journey as a music therapist performing at healing centres (project in Italy) and joining trance festivals worldwide.

Currently is teaching several workshops at Alquimia and dedicating his time to experiment with the effects of sounds, thoughts and emotions.

“…I think the most important  part in a musical composition is     the intention behind it, the intention and feeling while making music are  imprinted  and  transmitted  through  the  sound wave, creating different effects in the listener…

…because Sound is a wave bearer of consciousness… “