Alquimia – Centre of Healing Arts

Trance in Dance

DURATION: approx. 6 hours
LOCATION: Costa Rica, worldwide upon request
DATES: all year round upon request

The Trance Dance, or Dance of the Spirit, is a spiritual practice
used by ancient cultures worldwide, not only for recreational
purposes but for re-creation and healing through movements
in a state of presence.

This journey is divided in two parts:

THEORY: you will learn about Brainwaves and how the brain works,  how to change the state of consciousness with music, what  the Trance Dance is.

EXPERIENCE: you will enjoy two hours of Trance in Dance (with a blindfold ) to reach a trance state while dancing with designed music. Will follow a 30-minute of deep sound journey to complete the experience.

All the music is designed with specific tuning, rhythm, frequencies and brainwaves entrainment to change the state of consciousness.

TEACHER: Davide Giannotti (

LANGUAGE: English or Spanish

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