mayan medicine

Mayan Medicine Diploma

Exploring together the ancient practices of the Mayans and their rich Cosmology


DURATION: 6 days

LOCATION: Portugal, Europe

DATES: Spring and Summer terms

APPLICATIONS: open all year-round

Each day theoretical lessons (22 hours) are followed by practical work and training (14 hours). Extra hours are dedicated to tutoring, advice and final exam.

  • Mayan Cosmology and Mayan Nahuales
  • Myths and History
  • Calendric system
  • Ethnobotany
  • Ch’ulel assessment and diagnosis
  • Rituals and Sacred Plants
  • Pulse, Refloxology and acupressure points
  • Shamanic Portals
  • Sacred Cacao, ancient and modern applications and rituals
  • Animal and Mineral Medicine
  • Hot and Cold diseases
  • Entheogens within the Mayans
  • Mayan Neurosacral Therapy and Abdominal massage

FEES: 600 euros, inclusive of food and accommodation, theoretical and practical lessons, final test assessment and printed Diploma, educational material, Mayan cacao ceremonies, personal advice and tutoring, use of the facilities at the Centre. Fees do not include airline tickets and transfers.

DISCOUNTS: available when booking multiple courses or for group bookings

ACCOMMODATION: shared private house (max 6 people)
FOOD: home-made vegetarian food

A final exam is scheduled on the last day of the course in order to deliver the Diploma.

A sacred space in between the Andes and the Amazon of Colombia