Herbal Medicine and Shamanism

  • Duration: 1 month
  • Overview: A general introduction to herbal medicine and self-healing passing through the traditions of ancestral medicine and ethnobotany. The second part of the program is focused on Shamanic techniques, Sound healing  and Brainwaves entrainment with practical workshops and activities. The aim of the internship is to transmit the knowledge and right intentions for preparing the individual for further inner work with the guidance of  plants and sounds accordingly to the indigenous rituals and traditions of herbalism. A unique opportunity to embrace the work with plants with playfulness and wisdom.
  • Program: Morning practice (meditation, prana yama), theoretical lessons and practical experience, forest trips for collecting plants, visit to the local communities, Mayan neurosacral massage workshop,  ceremonies, rituals and creative arts.
  • Food: mainly vegetarian, fermented and delicious home made food.
  • Accommodation: private house with dorm and shared bathroom.
  • Facilities: ceremonial and meditation space, a dock with access to the  river, a green house, a lab for processing plants, temazcal (traditional Mayan sauna) , a therapy room, jungle paths.
  • Fees: $ 1800 including food and accommodation, everything listed under the program, educational material in digital format, orientation and guidance, Diploma on Neurosacral Massage issued by the centre and the International Institute of Mayan Medicine.
  • Fees not include: transfers and airline tickets.
  • Discounts: interns have the privilege to get discounts on therapies and retreats and free advice on the physical, emotional and spiritual sphere.
  • Extension of internship: possible after consultation. A 10 day program can be added to deepen the knowledge on Master Plants and experience a one-week shamanic diet with a forest retreat.
  • Research work: opportunity to participate in research projects during the internship depending on personal skills and intentions.



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A sacred space in between the Andes and the Amazon of Colombia