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Ayahuasca Ceremony


Please, take a few moments to read carefully through the pages as it is essential to prepare yourself for a profound experience.
Ayahuasca has been used for many centuries by indigenous tribes and it is a sacred medicine, revered as an entheogen or a plant able to generate the divine inside.
At Alquimia we follow the ancient tradition of Yagé and we prepare personally our brew with the knowledge transmitted by the Colombian shamans of Putumayo.
Each experience is unique and there are not conceivable words for explaining the happenings. Although now we are aware of the benefits and the deep impact of Ayahuasca in human lives and we can find any sort of information on the web, it is important to clear the mind from any concepts or expectations.
The session is led in a caring way, so that you will be safe, comfortable and well guided. It’s essential to spend a few days in the forest and focus on your intentions along with following a special diet.
For this reason you will have advice and personal guidance before the session.

3 days before the ceremony you will start to follow a light diet at the centre with no free sugars and no meat. One week before it is important to stop drinking alcohol and using any kind of drugs, medicines or anything that can interfere with the plant (particularly cocaine and antidepressants MAOI’s). It is suggested to avoid sex as well.
This is to clean your body from unnecessary charge and to prepare your whole being for the experience.
The day before the session you will have a purge ceremony with Tobacco, a master plant used for purifying and enhancing your dreams.
There is always time for resting and restoring after all the ceremonies.
Before the ceremony you will fill a personal form where all the sensitive information are kept safely.
This is to comprehend both spiritually, emotionally and physically your current situation.
You would need to bring comfortable, loose clothes and nothing more.
We handle each circumstance with a unique approach, so you will have time to get all your questions answered personally.
During the session it’s important to create a special bond and a sense of trust with your guide, so that most of the unnecessary fears and limits can be overcome.
It is strongly suggested to follow the guidelines for the diet before the ceremony and to bring yourself already into the experience on an emotional level. (please, read the Ayahuasca Diet Guideline)
The ceremonies are always performed at night and with no external visitors.
Only the participants and the leader are allowed to join the session.

Please note: groups or couples are not allowed, we accept only individual application.

It is necessary to rest for one day after the session and to talk with your guide for a better comprehension of the experience.
Alquimia is not merely working with Ayahuasca, it is an educational  project which aims to bring a better comprehension on entheogens and other unconventional arts for healing.
Our priority is to make sure that when you leave the ceremony you will be aware, ready and at peace.
For all the doubts you may have, do not worry.
Ayahuasca is not just a medicine, she’s a companion and you will establish your personal relationship with her. She’s not a solution for all the problems neither an oracle, but she will give you exactly what you need with warmth and maternal care.

First day: Meeting at the centre, briefing and personal guidance.

Second day: Morning meditation and Prana Yama. A series of talks and workshops on Entheogens is offered in order to comprehend the experience. Afternoon meditation and briefing.

Third day: Morning meditation and Prana Yama. Yoga class before lunch. At sunset a purge Tabaco is offered. After the ceremony participants need to rest.

Fourth day:  Meeting at around 7 pm for advice and talks. Ayahuasca ceremony starts after sunset until the first rays of light.

Fourth day: The morning after the ceremony there is plenty of time for talking and sharing the experience with your mentor.
The total cost covering the expenses of the ceremonies, briefings and personal guidance is 200 USD$ per person.
For any question or doubt please address your emails to
We are happy to send more information.