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8 Hertz – the Frequency of Life

Andrija Puharich, who died in 1995, was a pioneer in medical research to electrobiology and extrasensory abilities of the brain. 

In the 60s Dr. Puharich and Dr. John Taylor discovered that the eight cycles per second were also the frequency band where the brain activated extrasensory abilities such as remote viewing, telepathy, telekinesis, etc., latent capabilities present in all of us.

In 1956 he was able to study an Indian mystic and observe how could freely change the frequency of your brain waves passing from one state of consciousness to another.

He also studied a healer who could set their brains to 8 Hz and induce the same frequency as in the person who was in charge. 

The eight cycles per second are able to increase the predisposition to learn, leading us to the theta mode (brain state that leads us to be creative and to have deep insights of scientific, mystical or behavioral).

One of the peculiarities of our brain is that it is very sensitive to any instrument that emits waves of frequency, including ELF, since it tends to naturally tune with the external signal. 

Puharich in his text called the 8 Hz as “the difference of the phase velocity between the speed of the electron orbits and the proton”, it was found that the 8 Hz are able to penetrate any physical barrier or energy, revealing a nature of “multidimensional array” is not subject to the matter of our space-time.

Another peculiarity of this frequency is that it generates superconductivity which is none other than a synonym for scientific immortality and superconductivity is the product of a nesting wave constructive based on the golden proportion.

Nature has given us many examples of these forms of natural fractal or self-similar, from ferns to human bones, the cones up to our pineal gland, so called precisely because it has a symmetry similar to pine cones. 

The 8 hertz have a symmetry wave fractal nature of the pineal gland that stimulates the release of hormones that allow not only capabilities that go beyond the perception of a continuum in 3D but are also able to release the hormone of life, somatropin, which instigates cholesterol to pregnenolone and the latter to convert to DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone), all considered to be the elixir of life. 

The pineal gland controls the timing of our circadian neurohormonal system in relation to light and temperature. 

In laboratory studies it has been found as the transplantation of the pineal gland of an old person in a young person will accelerate the aging process. Any disease of old age is caused by a loss of synchrony in the hormone system.

The pineal gland is activated directly by issuing a signal to eight cycles per second, while melatonin, one of the hormones produced by the gland, inducing, with an identical signal, mitosic replication of DNA, enhancing the repair of damage DNA due to old age, and even the regeneration. 

The pineal gland also helps to release serotonin, and antidepressant action, enhancing the immune system. 

Dr. Robert Becker, in his book Cross Currents, showed that calcium, indispensable element also in the healing process, is released at a frequency of sixteen cycles per second, which is the first multiple of 8 Hz.

Researchers found that proper practice of meditation with closed eyes stimulates the brain to work with theta brain waves and the synchronization of the two hemispheres of the brain begins to work from the eight cycles per second. 

This hemispheric synchronization performs a moderate antineoplastic and increases the production of endorphins, endogenous substances acting analgesic. 

Extract from 432 Hz: The Musical Revolution Riccardo Tristano Tuis (Nexus Publishing, April 2010).

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