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Meditation and Prana Yama

At Alquimia we practice meditation every morning with the intention of reaching a specific state of being instead of mastering a technique. We sustain our practice through designed breathing exercises and self-awareness, specifically addressed to deepen the comprehension of the body-mind-spirit connection.

Sound Journey

The sound therapy is specifically designed to restablish the natural balance and entrain the individual to resonate to a chosen frequency, transforming the brain waves and the state of mind with designed sounds.

These tools are used in a special process promoting the natural inner healing powers through a retreat period in the forest and continuos guidance.

Ritual Theatre

Ritual theatre is one of the most ancient forms of healing that is still practiced in tribal societies today. Since the earliest times ancient people healed themselves and explored the unknown through visionary and suggestive performances of a myth or archetypal character like the Magician, the Death, the Foul.

The ritual act enables us to leave behind the trauma of a painful experience or the existential struggling. We feel elated, inspired and invigorated, as if we have entered in a new state of being. We have in fact entered into an altered state of consciousness similar to the states that shamans induce in their powerful healing ceremonies that draws us to contemplate our deeper nature without filters.

The therapy is recommended after a retreat period as part of the healing process.


This form of therapy offers the ability to gain a better perspective on inner emotional experiences and conflicts. Psychodrama helps the seeker to develop emotional and physical well-being and builds and strengthens the cognitive, behavioral and affective skills through active movement and satirization of personal fears, paranoias or beliefs.

The therapy is recommended after a retreat period as part of the healing process.

Natural Medicine

Herbal formulas, supplements and nutraceuticals are all a fundamental part of prevention, healing and recovery. Tailored remedies are formulated accordingly to a person-centered approach in medicine, where more gentle, holistic therapies are preferred. The use of different plants is brought to assist the person without harm, and support the inner regenerative abilities. Commonly immunomudulators and immunostimulants, adaptogens and depurative are thse remedies of choice of most herbalists when it comes to promote balance and restore bodily functions. 

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 Featured image: “Candles” by L.C. Nøttaasen, used under CC BY