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Randomness is not enough to explain Randomness

When a larva spins a cocoon and then destroys its all being to flower as new creature, even if hundreds of growth factors and molecules are all triggered to flame this action of wonder, I can still feel immersed in a magical world and stay silently astonished.
Biologists will see at molecular and higher levels, almost nothing but an effective employment of a thousand interwoven means to achieve a thousand interwoven ends — all in an almost incomprehensibly organized, coordinated, and integrated fashion expressing the striving of the organism as a whole.

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In the cold beauty of a Siberian steppe the Buryat initiation for a shaman will take a lifetime to be honoured. First the initiate must receive the call, through no visible channels or wires, he or she will connect to the urge of being a community servant for spiritual growth.

Though repeatable cleansing ceremonies of old apparatus, beliefs and mental attachements  will be performed with a series of rituals reaching ecstatic states, the initiate will lie in a trance for at least 3 days.

Then he or she crawls out of the smoke filled yurt to celebrate the emergence as a Shaman. Before that, he or she spends several months or years in introspective wandering to enforce the call and to consciously destroy all the unnecessary appendices. He or she will let the ego starve, will let the unknown absorb the whole organism and will finally surrender to the emerging force or unfortunately die.


The Pulse of the Dream Field

According to the vision of the collective unconscious developed by Jung, the Archetypes flow smoothly and live permanently in the astral world.

All the by-products of our emotions, feelings and all human desires inhabit the astral body, which is also the elective soul carrier. Not surprisingly, the translation of the Greek word psyche is “soul” or “breath out of the body”, the totality of the human mind with no physical home.

The astral world represents the virtual place where soul memories, individual and collective histories of humanity, accumulate and dwell. This is the same place that we visit during dreams, when our astral body diverges from the constraint of matter, and from space-time limits, floating and melting completely within the cosmic resonance.

This is the same place that we visit with Ayahuasca.

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DMT as a tool of comprehension

Resting comfortably on the pillow of existence a tiny gland exists, modeled as a pine cone and with the peculiar ability to let us face the world by modulating consciousness in a meaningful way. Sometimes called ‘third eye’ or ‘seat of the soul’, the pineal gland has been precisely dissected and rationally investigated for millennia, not even partially understood in view of its charismatic role. It is the one flashing an enigmatic substance which is able to penetrate the density of the matter and far beyond; safely assisting us since we have been here as humans.

The enigmatic pineal gland in humans acts as a neurotransmitter related to the serotonin family and as a bridge between the nervous system and the endocrine system, involved in several unknown mechanisms which are deeply connected to the consciousness flashing process retained during near-death experience (NDE) or any delta state of the brain.

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Symbolic healing rituals, why does society demonize them?

The candle sheds the vivid light all around, whereas the moon cannot caress the darkness of the forest. A very young boy carries magic stones, myrrh and a bunch of incense sticks. I cannot pronounce his name, but it sounds like an ancient lullaby. The primordial drum vibes with giant, clear notes. So, the old man with the majestic voice whispers his song.

“Why did he throw the seeds into the fire, then?” – a voice next to me asks.

After joined many ceremonies one day I asked myself the same. What if there were no sacred gestures? What does it make the difference?

“Rituals are calls for the healing to occur. They evoke the collective imaginary to presence a significant event. If you rest in faith and stillness, magic appears without stress” – I finally reply.

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