Alquimia – Centre of Healing Arts

Buddha hands Alquimia


    Alquimia (Ar. Hisp.  [al-kimiya])

  1. f. Practica y estudio filosófico que se desarrolló desde la Antigüedad y que combina elementos de la química, la metalurgia, la física, la medicina, la astrología, la semiótica, el misticismo, el espiritualismo y el arte col fin de descubrir los elementos constitutivos del universo, la transmutación de los metales, el elixir de la vida.

  2. f. Transmutación maravillosa e increíble.

Our mission is to guide the individual towards self-realization and self-sufficiency.
We want you to experience the more authentic forms of ancestral practices through an unfiltered connection to Nature in order to promote the exchange of wisdom, traditional knowledge and experience so as to live in mutual symbiosis removing unnecessary technology and comforts. This means that we offer a simple way of living as a model for your stay and we encourage you to break your routine and habits when here.

Our goal is for the individual to undergo the transformational process which will lead to spiritual and physical homeostasis. We will also apply these principles to raising consciousness about one’s personal growth.

At Alquimia we encourage the expression of the inner truth through the physical and the spiritual, the uplifting of the mind as a clear function of a more profound connection with all the parts. We host individuals from any paths of life and assist with the therapy of choice.

Featured image: “The Hand of Buddha” by Vincent_AF, used under CC BY Edited from original