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The truth about Ayahuasca without speaking about Ayahuasca

Infinite times students ask me to tell the truth about Ayahuasca, since they have read multiple and controversial opinions and reports. They are obviously confused.

So, I decided to write something about ‘truth’ and not about Ayahuasca.

First ask, how do we consider a personal experience true?

Is it truth holistic? Is it what resonates with us and ultimately with our belief system that we enclose in our set of established truths?


For the many sources of information we can access to, we all float in a paradigmatic bubble of uncertainty made certain. This is true.

Information has always been available even before the advent of social media, newspapers and other communication technologies. Real communication between people made information the main currency for human intellect and reasoning. We crave information beyond our ability to retain it. We sustain our mindset with the information we decide to filter and we mostly exclude pieces of truth that are perceived as contradictory.

As we read about scientific discoveries and new research on millennia-old indigenous ritualistic plants, our common-sense of truth combines what we already knew by heart or experience with what we assess through physical facts. Matching truths are pleasurable bites for our fragmented identity; it’s exactly where emispherical worlds melt together in an open dialogue. It is not merely the communion of our rationality and our primordial brain. It is indeed the smooth integration of what is unconsciously acquired and what is consciously experienced.

What we really lack at the moment is an inquisitive mind, a genuine skeptical child questioning about everything without giving it for granted. We miss the courage to test on ourselves, to creatively experiment and envision each possible outcome without dismissing the improbable truth.

We gave up as true scientists and because of the mole of easy information available we forgot how to independently observe reality. Our set of perceptions are vigorously desensitized by an increasing multitude of unnecessary stimuli and ironically atrophied through redundancy. We rely on instruments and technology to measure the world around us, we no longer engage our inner tools or not like before.

There is no real need to strengthen our photographic memory as we have cameras.  There is GPS to locate us, barometers to disclose our blood pressure, alarm clocks to inform us when it’s time to get up.

Technology is no bad at all, if we only understand that it’s a reality check but not reality itself. If we analyze technology we should conceive that it has the property of a virtual skin and it’s generated by our human parameters. We may use it, but not at the expense of using our more sophisticated inner technologies.

Just thinking of a different version of this age, where instead of letting technology dominate we invest on expanding our perceptions and individual consciousness. No artifacts, no surrogates. Just us, left unattended with our inner abilities. How would have it been?

We speak about supernatural when some human skill emerge from the vacuum of the ordinary and we label it as unusual..but what if what we think it’s unconventional and supernatural is only an inherent hidden property ready to use? What is now atrophied can regain its essential vitality.

It’s time to educate our bodies to feel, to adjust, even to measure data as organic, powerful machines. Time for resonating with truth, not for ingesting  it as an edible matter. Time for travelling at the apex of our certainties and dismiss them even if it’s painful. Time for firing gurus, doctors, experts of any sort and instead unleashing our courageous Self. Time for unifying the seen and the unseen, the flesh and the ether, the micro and the macro.

Easy words, hard to integrate. We rapidly doubt our worlds, our structure, our sophisticated truths, and what we obtain  is the closest version of reality we may have. Non-dualistic, unreportable, multiversal and experiential. We work through approximation even when speaking of scientific research. We work with little pieces of truth at a time with no need to remove old theories when new ones are faced. Adjusting pieces without destroying the full design.

If truth is holistic, the sum of proven facts can still fit the whole, but alone they cannot make the whole truth. This is what it looks like to play with complexity.

At the very end, we are left with this peculiar magic; the ability of making sense of our reality in infinite ways. In this light, information is a flow of creation, little, luminescent bricks with which building our palace of truths. What is true in my world, will not be perfectly true in yours. Maybe close, maybe distant.

When brought together all these worlds allow us to sneak into the widest vision of all. They do not compete, they holistically fuse, excluding or enclosing.

Our ‘scientific’ mission is to let all the pieces fit together in harmony nurturing our ‘supernatural’ abilities along with openness and skepticism. So next time we read about truths we can shape ours. And yes, we don’t need to speak about Ayahuasca, because it’s not a matter of facts but it’s a kaleidoscopic, unique interaction within yourself. This is the truth.