Shamanic Medicine Course

A primer for discovering the Science and the Wisdom of Shamanism and Ancestral Practices

To differ from the many courses available, Alquimia is offering a residential experience for embracing the authentic aspects of this art without filters or modern contaminations.

In the span of the 7 days you will immerse completely into the theory and the practice of this ancient technology of consciousness called Shamanism, abandoning technology and mundane life in exchange of a leap in the Magic and the Unknown.

Instead of providing a sterile and fixed program we commit to create a tailored, extemporary experience accordingly to your purpose and needs.

Subjects we will touch deeply:

  • Mesoamerican Shamanism
  • Euro-Asian Shamanism
  • Dreams and the Unconscious
  • Master Plants and Entheogens as a tool for Comprehension
  • Shamanism in the age of reason
  • Sounds, Brainwaves and Alterated States of Consciousness (ASC)
  • A guide to Self-healing and Ancient Healing Techniques
  • Animal Medicine
  • The Archetypal World and Ritualistic Medicine
  • Trance States

Practical Experiences

  • Preparation of Forest Remedies
  • Tobacco Cleansing
  • The Drum Journey
  • Medicinal Plants Baths
  • Rapé and Sananga Preparation & Ceremony
  • Kambo Imprinting Session
  • Mayan Cacao Ceremony
  • Trance Journey

MANDATORY: no cell phones, laptops and other tech devices are allowed at the Centre during your stay in order to deliver an authentic experience.

This Course is addressed to individuals of any path of life who are craving for removing unnecessary cocoons, thoughts and mechanical behaviors.

We offer tailored work with plants which are matched with the unicity of each person. For this reason we don’t present a pre-ordered ceremonial list, but we introduce you to the vast and variable amount of psychotropic plants which are not ultimately reduced to Ayahusca and Psilocybe Mushrooms alone.

There are as many Medicines in this World as many People in this World

  • Duration: 7 days 
  • Dates: View Calendar
  • Location: Costa Rica
  • Applications: open all year-round
  • Food: mainly vegetarian, fermented and delicious home-made food.
  • Accommodation: nice, private house with shared room (max. 6 people).
  • Facilities: ceremonial and meditation space, library, forest paths, gardens, a lab for practical work, classroom, retreat space.
  • Fees: $ 1400 including:

-food (3 meals per day)

-accommodation in private house shared room with shared bathroom (max. 6 people)

-theoretical lessons, practical work, forest trips, workshops, field training and ceremonies

-all the educational material in pdf  format

-daily Meditation and Prana Yama

-personal advice

-cacao ceremonies, other ceremonies to be decided

-everything listed under the program

-use of the facilities at the centre

  • Fees do not include: transfers and airline tickets.
  • After the deposit is sent, no refund can be given