Ritual Dance with the Mask

DURATION: 1 full day
LOCATION: Portugal, Europe (itinerancy possible upon request)
DATES: all year round

The Trance Dance, or Dance of the Spirit, is a spiritual practice
used by ancient cultures worldwide, not only for recreational
purposes but for re-creation and healing through movements
in a state of presence.

Creating your own mask is a very powerful ritual,
complementary to the Trance Dance.

The mask is a symbol that trascend personality and the image,
so that you can become everything or everyone you choose to be.

This full-day journey is divided in three parts:

MORNING-THEORY: you will learn about Brainwaves and how the brain works,  how to change the state of consciousness with music, what  ‘Trance in Dance’ is, and how to create the Mask.

AFTERNOON-CREATION: meditation session to focus and create your own Mask/Metamorphosis.

NIGHT-EXPERIENCE: you will enjoy three hours of Ritual Dance to reach a trance state while hearing and dancing with designed music.
Will follow a 30-minute relaxing sound journey to complete the experience.

FEE: 160 € (it includes 3 meals, accomodation for the night, material for creating the mask, CD with the music)

TEACHER: Davide Giannotti (www.daviel.it)


A sacred space in between the Andes and the Amazon of Colombia