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opportunities in Portugal

Deeply comprehend the ancestral wisdom of Mayan Medicine, Shamanism and Alchemy through practical work with plants and mushrooms


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Different paths of knowledge are available all year round:


"These courses are not merely a stream of information taught in a sterile format, they are indeed a vehicle for transporting the individual out of his comfort zone and for developing lucidity and an inquisitive approach, so to access the infinite potentials and for stretching the boundaries of consciousness"


General introduction to herbal medicine and self-healing passing through the traditions of ancestral medicine and ethnobotany. A unique opportunity to embrace the work with plants with playfulness and wisdom.


Shed the light on the different aspects of psychotropic plants with a specific focus on therapeutical and spiritual outreach. A wide spectrum learning on mind-altering plants, mushrooms and animals and the successful story of a millenia-old symbiotic relation with human beings. 

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The most magical place I've ever been to. I found my life's passion during my time at Alquimia.

Rachel Askelson

I’m very grateful for my time at Alquimia. During my retreat I had so many breakthroughs which have been the catalyst in my life over the past several years.

Mona Moon

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