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Practical Alchemy and Spagyrics

This intensive course aims to unveil the ancient alchemical practices through the use of the elements, minerals and herbs in a very practical context. The intern will be guided into the spiritual side of Alchemy with a series of introductory workshops along with the fascinating aspects of the laboratory techniques.

During the course the intern will be in touch with local plants and will learn how to process and elegantly transform the raw materials in order to create powerful elixirs, oils and natural remedies.


Duration: 7 days 

Location: Portugal, Europe

Number of participants: closed group, maximum 6 persons

Applications: open all year round


Module I (Spiritual Alchemy)

-Introduction to Alchemy

-Archetype and Measurement

-The Emerald Formula

-Elements and the Elemental Signatures

-Modern Alchemy and Life Force of Plants

Module II (Laboratory Alchemy)

-Setting up an Alchemical Lab

-Making Monoatomic Elements and ORMES

-Making Alchemical Colloids

-Sublimation and Milk of Sulphur

-The Art of Distillation

-Precipitation and Crystallization methods

-Preparations of Elixirs

Price: 700 €

It includes food (3 meals per day), accommodation in a nice private house with shared room and en-suite bathroom, educational material in pdf format, the use of the facilities at the Centre, meditation and Prana Yama daily, everything listed under the program, advice and personal tutoring.

It doesn’t include transfers and airline tickets.

Note: After the reservation has been made, no refund can be given.