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Natural Medicine Clinic

natural medicine clinic

A Vision inspired by the many times I asked myself: "What's missing?"

That is the question: what is missing in our current healthcare system? Many advances have been made, though technology will never replace the inherent wisdom we find in Nature. This is for a simple reason; intelligence doesn’t sprout from logical thinking, but mostly from sentient patterns which we are part of and we are inspired by. Conventional medicine lacks holistic view, tends to fix but not to solve. Integration of complementary practices in medicine has been the vital core of my work. It is about time for refreshing our perspectives towards illness, and for accepting the complexity of our beings. Life in its quintessence cannot be observed neither understood within sterile lab doors. Modern medicine provides cures and safety, but humans demand more psychological and spiritual support in order to feel complete. It is not a case that in the past decades several branches of medicine has diverted to an holistic approach. PNEI (Psycho-neuro-endocrine-immunology) and Psycho-oncology are a few examples of this new attitude. Chronic disorders are on the rise and so cancer. Prevention requires attention plus education, and here is the gap. Most people don’t get the chance to avoid illness, because they don’t know how. We are now aware that the majority of chronic disorders doesn’t depend on our genes only. Environmental factors like lifestyle, diet and mental attitude overrule genetics. Indeed, our thoughts and behaviors are extremely powerful and produce substantial change in our biochemistry and in our lives.

Long story short, why a natural medicine clinic for chronic disorders and cancer?

I have been so intrigued by my clients’ stories and how their illness developed in time, so that I have started to investigate deeply the web of illness beyond the cellular and the organic domains. Traumas, toxic behaviors, maladaptation and unexpressed feelings are some of the psychological triggers of many chronic disorders.  There is certainly more. Time and context help to untie the knots and observe one’s situation. The healthcare system alone cannot suffice, as its main goal is to avoid human loss. Chronic disorders and cancer are multifactorial in essence; they depend on the constant accumulation of several factors in time. And like slow-motion landslides they are often undetected at early stages. We can coexist with a chronic disorder and never die.  Modern medicine tends to palliate and create pharmacological dependency, while natural medicine looks for a dynamic balance and a gentle remedy. Both can supply incredible benefits, but should work in parallel accordingly to basic needs and circumstances. When it comes to oncology