Mycology: a beginner’s mushrooms course

An introductive and interactive course addressed to all mycophorics willing to gain knowledge within the Fungi kingdom.

Exploration, identification, cooking, growing, hunting

DURATION: 5 days

LOCATION: Portugal, Europe

DATES: Autumn term

APPLICATIONS: open all year-round

FOOD: mainly vegetarian, fermented and delicious home-made food.

ACCOMMODATION: nice, private house with shared room (max. 6 people) and shared bathroom.

FACILITIES: ceremonial and meditation space, library, forest paths, gardens, a lab for practical work, classroom, retreat space.

FEES: 600 euros, inclusive of theoretical and practical lessons, trips, food and accommodation, use of the facilities at the Centre. Fees do not include airline tickets and transfers.

DISCOUNTS: available when booking multiple courses or for group bookings.


  • Fungal Biology and Physiology
  • Mycology, Identification and Chemistry
  • Ecosystems and Mycorrhizal interaction with Plants
  • Poisonous mushrooms identification
  • Medicinal and Spiritual uses of Mushrooms
  • Mushroom hunting and culinary uses
  • Research and Mycoremediation
  • Growing mushrooms techniques
  • Preparation of Medicinal mushrooms