Our mission is to guide the individual towards self-realization and wholeness. We believe in Self-Healing and the shedding of unnecessary barriers between therapist and patient. This is achieved through a variety of means, holistic therapies bridging the gap between millennia-old oriental and occidental approaches in a integrative mind-body-spirit modality in which are combined the creative and healing arts.

The creative arts encompass music therapy, psycho drama, visual arts and theatre. As for healing arts, Alquimia offers phytotherapy, meditation and Prana Yama on a daily basis.

We work closely with indigenous people of the area in order to promote the exchange of wisdom, traditional knowledge and experience so as to live in mutual symbiosis. We develop holistic research projects that aim at treating the whole person, discovering how the creative arts, herbal medicine, massage, nutrition, all combine with other healing arts to help to comprehend disease and to reach harmony.

Alquimia embraces a fusion of the ancient wisdom of the ancestral medicine with scientific insights from Quantum Medicine to Ethnobotany.

Our goal is for the individual to undergo the transformational process which will lead to spiritual and physical homeostasis. We will also apply these principles to raising consciousness about one’s personal growth.

A sacred space in between the Andes and the Amazon of Colombia