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Mayan Medicine: the neglected art

A few smart reasons to study it

“Mayan cosmovision is a value system that interprets and connects the world, life, things and time…explaining how to size Universe and nature, whilst performing the art of healing”

A good portion of people are quite familiar with Traditional Chinese Medicine or Ayurveda, but only a few number is aware of the precepts of the Medicine of the ancient Mayans. Why is it so?

Mayan Medicine is a millenia-old tradition, transmitted orally for so many generations despite colonization, civil wars and post-colonial evangelism brainwash. It still has a strong core, tough, resilient and palpable.

Yet, it is on the verge of extinction even within the rural areas of Guatemala where it was constantly practiced before.

Mayan elders found difficult nowadays to teach their medicine to young people who feel a generic pulse to move from the countryside or from the forest with the ambition to have a city life, different opportunities or a fresh escape. Moreover, books and documents reporting this ancient knowledge are very scanty. The lack of information itself is impacting the vitality of these powerful traditions and elders are struggling to keep them pure and not contaminated by modern revisitations.

The two most known Mayan therapies are very ancient reflexology techniques called the Neurosacral and Abdominal Massage. Beyond the physical manipulation, there is a substancial engagement of the emotional sphere and a regeneration of the Ch’ulel or vital universal force. It is absolutely necessary to learn and integrate the teachings of Mayan nahuales and Mayan cosmology before applying them, for this reason the cosmovision can’t be detached from the practice.

Even if most of the information is not structured, Mayan Medicine is an incredibly valuable and effective holistic practice, especially focused on the comprehension of the self and one’s role in the Cosmo. The wide variety of plants, rituals, minerals and shamanic elements in use makes it a remarkable and tailored experience, far beyond the sterile biomedical approach.

The realm of dreams, the subsconscious mind, the elements in nature and the inner journey are all essential blocks of a fascinating system where the apprentice is forced to perpetual investigation and to dynamic social sharing.

To mantain these traditions alive it is important to pass the knowledge. Having personally studied with a few elders of the Alta Verapaz and Costal regions of Guatemala and Belize, I may reflect today about the continuity of this heritage. All of my teachers died recently and with them a vast amount of wisdom, kindness and sarcasm.

How precious was their contribution to render an oral tradition into a more shapeable form..


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