Herbal Medicine and Shamanism Program


Herbal Medicine

  • Introduction to herbalism and holism
  • Biology and physiology of plants
  • The Amazonian ecosystem and biodiversity
  • Techniques and manipulation of plant material
  • Spiritual work and dialogue with plants
  • Phytochemicals and research
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Local ethnobotany: the plants of the Amazon
  • Plant alchemy and alchemical preparations

Ancestral Medicine Workshops

  • The symbolic: Rituals, Psychomagic and archetypes
  • Entheogens as a tool of comprehension in Self-healing
  • Plants of the Gods
  • Vedic and indigenous cosmology
  • The path of the Shaman
  • Shamanism in the age of reason
  • A guide to self-healing

    Mayan Medicine

    • Mayan cosmology
    • Animal totems – Nahuales
    • Mayan neurosacral massage and acupressure
    • Ancient healing techniques

Practical workshops

  • Natural soap-making
  • Dream therapy (3 days)
  • Tobacco cleansing ceremony
  • Herbal remedies collection, preparation and storage
  • Forest trips
  • Cacao preparation and meditation
  • Shamanic drumming and journeying
  • Natural dying, balms and ointments
  • Elixirs and Medicinal Plant Baths
  • Herbal remedies
  • Traditonal and alchemical tinctures
  • Spagyrics
  • Colloid silver preparation
  • Glycerin  base for liquid soap
  • Distillation of essential oils
  • Mushroom elixirs
  • Aromatherapy and floral essences


Teacher: Elisa Fusi, molecular biologist, writer and herbalist, expert on shamanism and master plants. Director at Alquimia.

Sound of Consciousness Workshops


  • What sound really is
  • Physical effects of vibrations (Cymatics)
  • Fibonacci and golden ratio in nature
  • The power of frequency and intention
  • Brainwaves entrainment and consciousness
  • How music can heal

Practical workshops

  • Trance Dance [blindfold dance]
  • SpaceMindreamProject [deep journey with sound]
  • Tailor made music [personal music for your needs] (optional)

Teacher: Davide Daviel Giannotti, professional sound therapist, music producer and visionary artist involved in several projects around the world. Resident at Alquimia.




Meditation and Prana Yama are practiced one hour every morning. Cacao Meditation is practiced once per week.

Other rituals and ceremonies will be decided accordingly to needs and purpose, during the internship.

Note: After the reservation has been made, no refund can be given.

A sacred space in between the Andes and the Amazon of Colombia