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Forest Retreat and Shamanic Diet

A retreat in a forest is the opportunity to uncover your true Self and to face inner conflicts or a manifestation of an illness rooted in the spiritual sphere.

During a period in isolation immersed in Nature the individual will easily access his own truth without unnecessary distractions or masks.

A specific diet with master plants (Dieta) and an opening ceremony will guide the individual to transcend emotions, beliefs and attachments – all sorts of overlapping shells that trap the flow of being.

A strict diet is applied during the retreat consisting of plain rice and forest food, no sugar, no salt, no added flavors. This is to respect the ancient traditions of South American shamans and to allow the master plants to connect deeper.

Before embarking a retreat a face to face consultation is needed and different options are offered according to one’s purpose.

We match you with the suitable companion plant so for you

to establish a strong, personal relationship.

The one-week retreat includes a one day orientation and guidance with the

preparation of your medicine, a medicinal plant bath with an opening ceremony,

a  two-day workshops on shamanic plants and techniques along with a closing

tobacco purification ceremony.

All year round are available tailored retreats in Costa Rica on request.

  • One-week Forest Retreat and  workshops (totally 10 days)  2000 $ (It includes one day of orientation, advice and therapies, an opening ceremony, medicinal plant bath, tobacco purification)
  • Ten-day Forest Retreat and workshops (totally 15 days) 2500 $ (It includes one day of orientation, advice and therapies, one day of herbal detox, workshops and seminaries, an opening ceremony, tobacco purification and a closing ceremony)