Alquimia – Centre of Healing Arts

psychedelic painting


At the centre we offer preparation and education on the use of entheogens through practical experience and orientation. We work with different sacred plants, and rituals that have been performed for centuries in tribal societies. Each experience with entheogens is unique and there are not conceivable words for explaining the happenings, but it is important to create a special bond and a sense of trust with your guide, so that most of the unnecessary fears and limits can be overcome.

All the sessions are led in a caring way, so that you will be safe, comfortable and well guided. It is essential to spend a few days in nature and focus on your intentions along with following a special diet. For this reason you will have advice and personal guidance before the session.

Here you will find a quiet, restoring environment where meditation and Prana Yama are practiced daily along with the use of natural remedies and products of the forest.

Please note: we now accept only people with chronic disorders. We consider just individual applications, no groups or couples are allowed. We do not offer short-term staying and we include ceremonies with master plants exclusively in an educational setting for a minimum of two weeks. This is to remind us the value of the medicine as a tool of comprehension and to not reduce it to a quick remedy for everyone and for everything. It is substantial to have a preliminary chat with your mentor before being allowed to participate. Entheogens are a gift for humanity, but we need to learn how to consciously use them.