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Cancer Journey

morning meditation at Alquimia

Instead of focusing on the illness we invite you to work towards wellness and comprehension ; fully embracing a journey rich of challenges,  discoveries and  unique reflections. 

Why do we prefer to use the word ‘journey’ instead of ‘fight’ or ‘war’? This is simply because it is you and your cells, and doesn’t seem wise to treat your body as a battlefield. In terms of clarity, this also works as a nocebo or a negative psychological effect driven by words and meanings.

Then, how should we treat cancer? Indeed it makes perfect sense to restore the lost balance and  to cope with the stressors, revitalizing the whole self through diverse therapeutic means. It has not always to end up in an aggressive martyrdom guided by fear and hopelessness. There are other ways. It is not quick quackery nor miracle cures, it is strictly about changing the narrative of cancer following new insights from science and research. There are in fact abundant theories, clinical trials and reports which escape the mainstream oncology, but are validated and valid in scientific terms.  Why are they less popular? Basically, they are not part of major protocols used by the healthcare system, so they are not seen by the public. Fortunately, all this information is published and available through scientific peer-reviewed journals.

With time oncologists have reversed cancer into a chronic disorder, so that most patients have to deal with symptoms,  adverse effects and psychological distress. In the midst of these events people feel the need to find alternatives and improve their quality of life. It is certain that emotional well being, social inclusion and sense of purpose are all markers for a successful outcome, regardless the type of disorder.  In order to become more resilient and participate more in one’s remission it is vital to take action and play an active role. To get informed require time to explore research, scientific papers and latest therapies. To get educated require the right context where tools and resources are channeled. For this reason we put at your disposal an open library with several updated documents and a good amount of information about natural and complementary treatments in oncology. Some of the content is quite academic and difficult to grasp, but we have prepared some free webinars which will be released soon. 

Nonetheless we want to accompany you on this journey with a series of meetings touching different topics and a list of seminars plus activities held at our facilities in the lush forests of Costa Rica.  Every meeting has a special purpose and objective, following the various obstacles and challenges faced during different phases. The aim is to empower the individual and formulate unique strategies whilst expressing, learning, growing. Beyond the physical well being we want to call for any emotional and spiritual aid to reach completeness and vitality, to gain new skills and lucidity.

In this journey you lead the way, we simply offer the tools and the space.