theobroma cacao pod Alquimia

Cacao Retreat and Sound Journey

  • Duration: 10 days
  • Overview: Cacao has been considered the food of the gods for her uplifting and healing properties and for centuries Mayans have been embracing her spirit with devotion and ecstasy. The Cacao Retreat aims to introduce this wonderful plant to interns with a strong desire of self-exploration and an interest in ethnobotany and indigenous cultures. During the 10-day immersion, several learning methods are used to understand the power of cacao and sound healing. We learn how to naturally ferment the beans and prepare the brew with the ancient Maya recipe along with a one week retreat in the forest and the use of healing sounds enabling the interns to experience the real ecstasy of cacao.
  • Program: Daily activities (meditation, prana yama), theoretical lessons and practical experience,  cacao ceremonies and meditation, workshops, rituals and creative arts.
  • Food: mainly vegetarian, fermented and delicious home made food.
  • Accommodation: shared room with en-suite bathroom in cozy private house.
  • Facilities: meditation space , gardens, a lab for processing plants, forest paths.
  • Fees: € 1000 including food and accommodation, everything listed under the program, educational material in digital format, orientation and guidance.
  • Fees not include: transfers and airline tickets.
  • Discounts: interns have the privilege to get discounts on therapies and retreats and free advice on the physical, emotional and spiritual sphere.
  • Extension of internship: possible after consultation.


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